mardi 5 octobre 2010

Sissy! - Photos Festival Poa Em Cena / Brésil

Création, Chorégraphie et performance: Nando Messias et Biño Sauitzvy
Lumière: Claudia de Bem
Photos: Mariano Czarnobai

Sissy! - Collisions Festival of New Performance and Theory / London


Collisions Festival Performance and Theory

The Central School of Speech and Drama
Eton Avenue NW3 3HY
London, United Kingdom

Friday 8 October, 7pm

Saturday 9 October, 7pm

Monday 11 October, 7.30pmin

Performance 1Duration 50 min

Suitable for ages 16+

Sissy! is the fourth and final part of Nando Messias’ practice-based research on the concept of sissiography. Through movement, Sissy! explores the unfolding of a causational chain of injury between body, abuse and space. The choreography has been created through his study of bodily markers of effeminacy in gesture, mannerisms and dress whereas the dramaturgy of the piece tries to offer a dialogue with sissiphobic violence and marginalisation.

Concept: Nando Messias

Performance, Choreography & Costumes: Nando Messias and Biño Sauitzvy

Lighting Design: Marc Antonio Cifre