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Birth 3 - Last of Summer / Berlin Short Film Night

Last os Summer / Berlin Short Film Night / Open Air Art et Performance Festival

August 31 / September 01, 2012.

Alexandra Jasper & Haus Zukunft present:

The new Berlin Short Film Night and Open Air Art & Performance Festival at 'Unser Haus Zukunft' .

Programmkino ZUKUNFT 3•4, Freiluftkino POMPEJI, Ausstellung BILDERSAAL, Musikclub TIEFGRUND, Jazzbar, Biergarten, Waldgarten... and Open Air Theatre.

Afternoon chill out and barbecue start from 4pm in the outdoor Biergarten, bands from 7pm till late morning party.

We will be playing music from radio from 4-7pm.
There will be 'all night' film screening of up and coming Berlin based and international directors as well as underground performers, music and dj's throughout the night.


16.00 Open doors with music, home brewed beer and barbecue
16.00 - 19.00 Tunes from Expatriarch Radio DJs
19.00 - 19.45 Junkie Food
20.15 - 21.00 Altbau
21.20 - 21.30 Lady Gaby
21.30 - 21.50 Erased Bodies and Nils Freyer
22.15 - 22.45 Benten with DJ YasasiiI Obake & SINGER Zu-ri
23.00 - 23.05 Lady Gaby
23.05 - 23.30 Kanatanaka and Tosha + Kalma VJ
23.30 - 0.10 The White Noise Supremacists
0.30 - 1.10 Stonedrifters Sound Brigade
1.30 - 1.50 Brigitte Blast + Kalma VJ


All Night 'One-Night-Stand' with Made in Sweden

DJ/VJ pani K from 19.45
Jesus Vögel from 0.10 - end

Short Film Screenings from 20.00 till late

Entrance € 8


/Junkie Food/
Berlin based indie band

antiretro instrumental psychedelic postnoise aus Berlin
Die Neubauten von gestern sind der Altbau von heute

/The White Noise Supremacists /
A one woman band who merges soulful vocals, pounding drums and lush guitars to deliver her unique blend of punk influenced experimental pop.

Dancehall hip hop from Japan

/Stonedrifters Sound Brigade/
Anthemic Indie/Rock/Pop
A 4 piece band, 3 Brits on Guitars, Bass & Vocals & an American on Drums.


/Lady Gaby/
Confrontational, in your face poet. Widely published, she has graced the stages of many international festivals and shows.
'Her words takes over everybody souls. Words of truth, love, society, anger and values. Eyes of life.'

/Erased Bodies and Nils Freyer/Eine organlose Performance
Dance, Music and Visuals
'You never reach the Body without Organs...'
Movements of the dancer influence and create the
music, his body becomes moving music.

/Kanatanaka (Performer) and Tosha (Cellist)/ + Kalma VJ
"TACHANKA" Experimental dance with cello
"As soon as I know... I am no longer free. So take my TACHANKA and shoot!!"

/Made in Sweden/
An all night 'One Night Stand' with Vivian Chan (aka. Lady Clay) & Maria Juchnowska (aka. Lady Plaster).

/Brigitte Blast/+ Kalma VJ
Brigitte Blast, was born in 2005: He has worked in famous clubs in Lisbon, Marbella, Mallorca, Madrid and now in Berlin. To be seen with his new style as “FIRE DRAG QUEEN.


DJ Vögel (Cremaster Records)
Vögel (Andalucía), is talented multimedia artists, a radical audiovisual manipulator, respected producer & international live performer.

/VJ+DJ pani K/
Will be creating beautiful visuals and sound for the night. You can also see two of her short films in the cinema.

/Kalma VJ/
Explores the interconnection between audio/video in real time
She has worked with two of our performers to create theme specific visuals


Lior Shamriz 'The Magic Desk'/Matt Lambert 'Fickmachinen'/
Mobtik (aka Chris Brandl) 'Alles läuft gut'/
Alexandra Jasper 'L'expérience Intérieure'/Jan Soldat ‘Zucht und Ordung’/Matt Lambert 'Purge 11'/Conrad Mildner, 'Weder Du Noch Ich'/Sabrina Mertens 'Harte Sachen'/Ted Sonnenschein 'Three S-Bahn Films'
Alexandra Jasper & Laurent Lavolé 'Fuck Paradise II'/

Miss Enabyme (Dalia Castel & Anna Natt) 'Grotesqueria'/
Ignacio F. Rodó, Josep M. Gifreu & Laia R. San Juan 'Prometeo' (Prometheus)/ Tetsu Mukojima 'Bitches' with music by Rona Geffen/Lilith Primavera 'The Dream of Gynoid'/Tikul 'Under Western Eyes'/Steve Glashier, 'South Central – The day I die'/Lidia Ravviso with Lilith Primavera 'Exit'/
Cremaster Records '120 Grados'/Mariana Jukica 'Vicious Kids'/
Cindy Tsai 'Self Check-out'/

Ben Fox 'Wounds'/Tomas J. Powys 'The Feast'/Adriana G. Benítez 'Pee Blue' (Omorashi)/Tikul, HTRK 'Slo Glo'/Nikita G. Dnipropetrovsk 'Stop Pedophiles'/Pani K 'Heaven1'/Gudrun Krebitz 'Achill' ((HFF) "Konrad Wolf")/pani K 'Lie'/Louis Currie 'Kalasataming'/ Steve Glashier 'Fire Trap' Aliens Viral/Abby Lloyd 'Slime Kids'/Joshua Head 'Voodoo garden tea party to drive Reecard Farché from his humble cocoon'

Antony Hickling 'Birth 3 - The Death Of A Triptych'/ Razvan Parlog & Valentin Mocleasa 'The Goats'/Maria Hengge 'The Last Bus'/ Eric Pauhrizi- to be announced

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