jeudi 27 décembre 2007


Nando Messias / Photo: Darrell Berry

Nando Messias / photo: Darrel Berry

Created and Performed by Nando Messias
Collaboration with Biño Sauitzvy
Music:Hollander - IllusionsSchubert - Death and the MaidenJ. Birkin - Je m'appelle Jane
I love finding new possibilities, pushing my own boundaries, blurring territories. I began exploring the diagonal and what it means: the body in space, space in the body. Moving between horizontal and vertical took me on a journey, following clues, negotiating other opposites. A strange personality emerged - another contradiction because i am not playing a character as such. I entered a world of mixed realities, something from the documentary Grey Gardens with its fusion of past and present, glamour and filth.Crumbs! marks an arrival, but not a terminus. One is only ever on a trail.

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